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Saif Mourad, Managing Director and Founder of Saif Mourad Creations, is a brilliant Architect

and Interior Designer, with a strong academic background having nailed a Bachelor's Degree

in Architecture and Interior Design from the Arab Academy of Science and Technology, Cairo,


Saif delved into Academia after graduating, yet having had a goal of establishing his own fIrm,

Saif quit Academia and the Agency life and  embarked upon launching SMC.

Saif has managed to build a strong team of designers and architects over the course of 3 

years, where every member of SMC is a true embodiment of devotion, commitment, professi

-onalism, and pure passion for what they do.



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Saif Mourad Creations aims to become a lifestyle brand, embedding its mission into its products and services to becoming an integral part of its clients’ lives. With SMC's exemplary quality of design and execution and its futuristic conceptual designs that are taking the field by storm, SMC aims to become one of the best 5 Architecture and Interior Design firms worldwide in the next 10 years.



As part of SMC's quest to become a lifestyle brand, in less than three years our Founder and CEO was able to create a community rather than a workplace, a family rather than colleagues, and an exciting experience for the team who create reality beyond dreams. ​

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