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Our Team of professional Engineers and Interior Designers have executed and built more than 20 projects of their own renders, and have designed over 150 projects; with their excellent customer care skills and speed of project delivery, SMC can deliver all kinds of build projects in exceptional time frames.


Our design philosophy is born out of our academic expertise in  Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and Applied Arts, resulting in environmentally friendly, sustainable, stunning and distinctive rendered and executed projects.

Our Creative Director and Team's academic and practical background in Architecture and Engineering, SMC designs and executes iconic buildings and premises that stand out in the world of Architecture.


Saif Mourad Creations is distinguished with its impeccable interior design projects that oblige to the client's dream home while adding a strong element of SMC character to each render. 

Integral to our design process, our clients enjoy a full SMC experience; from developing a mood-board to birthing the ideas and desired dream home feels into a concept, to rendering this concept by infusing it with SMC character, our clients become whole with the process in the time and manner that suits them, receiving the optimal customer care experience.


Having designed and executed more than 20 landscape projects, we make every space impressively ample. Our landscape projects include themed designs such as tropical or Mediterranean, while also providing an endless experience of luxury and comfort to the outdoors.


As part of our design and execution philosophy, every space we create is a manifestation of ampleness, comfort, and grandness, which is why our administrative projects standout. Designing work spaces that fulfill the users' productive haven, we also manage to integrate luxury and galore into every SMC project.  

Having executed more than 20 projects in the span of 3 years, SMC team can work as a consultant for executing designs that was initially created by SMC. Our consultations services range from Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Commercial, and Administrative projects,

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